TOP 9 interior design tips and trends for a Small Bathroom

The bathroom and kitchen are the two areas in a home that are in constant use.

Couple this with the effects of steam, heat, and moisture and it does not take long before these rooms look tired, dated, and shabby.

Because the bathroom is a space where the door is shut when it is being used to shower or bathe, the effects of heat and moisture are more pronounced.

Even though opening the door after its use allows cool air through the room, the damage has already been done.

A full bathroom renovation is an opportunity to repair any structural issues that may have developed over time.

 Yes, small bathrooms can also look spectacular if we consider the basic design.

It is also an exciting project that, if done well, will add thousands of dollars to the value of the dwelling.

For homes with small bathrooms, it is also a great time to incorporate space-saving ideas into the design.

The result will be a dazzling, modern bathroom with space to spare and all traces of clutter banished.

In-house Design Expert Give Clients great Ideas Many companies specializing in bathroom renovations have their design experts to help their clients develop ideas, and to give them some guidance and direction if they do not have anything particular in mind.

Design experts are also excellent at using all available space in their designs.

This makes them the natural choice to find additional space in the newly renovated bathroom, without knocking out walls.


1. Keep Your Colors Light and Bright

Keep Your Colors Light and Bright

Let's start by talking about the right colors and textures in a small bathroom.

One of the easiest is to increase the amount of light in the room.

It's ideal to select a light color palette that doesn't mean that an all-white bathroom is the best and only option you can mix and match different tiles, however, focus on using light and soft colors to make the bathroom look bigger.

 Thanks to the fact that light colors reflect more light the walls seem to recede expanding this space and giving a feeling of awareness when choosing tiles.


2. Uniformity


My second piece of advice is to look for uniformity and use the same tile in the shower as in the rest of the space it will appear larger as it doesn't have two defined and separated areas in small bathrooms.

I recommend using similar colors to guarantee visual uniformity for example:

You can use matte light gray or white tiles for the floor and on the walls.

You can use a similar color but with a glossy finish or white marble patterns through different textures.

You can achieve contrast subtlety remember that the sense of uniformity ties the room together.


3. Lighting plan

Lighting plan

Lighting is the secret ingredient a good lighting plant gives a modern look and makes this space safe and bright which makes it feel larger.

Wall colors in pale pastels and off-white reflect light.

Don did not settle for having a single light bulb in the middle of the ceiling this is not enough to guarantee pleasant aesthetics and functionality.

Extra light gained through installing a skylight or larger windows create an illusion of space.

Consider distributing different lighting sources into the space to get uniform general lighting if you are going to build your bathroom from scratch.

I recommend that you include architectural lighting, you can opt for led lines to define your space and incorporate them under the floating vanity or behind the mirror, these allow you to brighten up the space without having visible lighting fractures in case you are not doing a deep renovation apart from the ceiling light.

It's convenient to include wall lamps in the vanity to have adequate lighting to see our face without uncomfortable shadows to achieve this it's ideal to have lights above or on both sides of the mirror.


4- Mirror a Wall

Mirror a Wall

A mirror is essential in any bathroom especially in small spaces because they reflect the area and the light.

The wall mirrors strategically placed opposite an outside window will reflect light into the room and continue the illusion of wider space with full-length horizontal mirrors and a sense of raised height with long, vertical mirrors.

An excellent idea is opting for one large mirror even when you have two sinks this unifies the space the bathroom looks elegant and bigger, you can take your mirror up to the ceiling in this case you might need a customized mirror, but this is the optimal way to enlarge a room take advantage of it and go big.


5. Vertical space

Vertical space

My next tip is to emphasize and take advantage of vertical space, especially for storage.

It's common to focus on the floor as the primary surface within a space, but we can also take advantage of the vertical surfaces visually in small spaces.

It's essential to emphasize the vertical lines to open up the room to create a feeling of spaciousness an effective way to accomplish this is to use your vertical space for starch such as open shelving that goes all the way to the ceiling which you can use for your clean towels or store other things.

You can take advantage of the wall area above the toilet to put shelves and use it as open storage.


6. Unclutter


Another tip that I want to talk about is to keep the bathroom without clutter and avoid having bottles visible each one has different labels colors and sizes which saturates your small bathroom.

To avoid this is to buy modern-looking dispensers they are very cheap and believe me they make a huge difference also using baskets to hide the bottles is an excellent and affordable alternative.

these final details are what make a conventional bathroom something extraordinary even more if you have already invested time, effort, and money in renovating your bathroom, so please don't ring it with bottles everywhere.

Remember that less is more.


7. Floating Vanity

Floating Vanity

Another way to make a small bathroom look larger is by selecting a floating vanity wall.

Mounted furniture makes the space appear larger due to the floating effect that allows us to see the limits of the room, it's excellent for efficient use of vertical space, they look contemporary and elegant and facilitate cleaning.

Use your creativity and opt for simple designs that can be cheap and beautiful.


8. Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Another tip that enhances a small bathroom is to use wall-mounted faucets the same guys using vertical space is an excellent way to take advantage of a small space.

Wall-mounted faucets tend to have a more minimalist and simpler design than the conventional ones which makes the bathroom look more uncluttered simple and high-end.

These faucets come in different shapes colors and finishes that you can use as a key element to creating contrast they are authentic details that will make your small bathroom go from conventional to extraordinary.

Remember to observe the style and textures you have chosen in your bathroom before selecting your faucet these details are the use of space and should complement the general appearance.


9. Adding Nature

Adding Nature

An extra tip that I want to talk about because it gives life and color to any bathroom is adding nature.

Nature brings movement texture and color to the space.

Choose types of plants that are easy to maintain based on the amount of natural light and humidity your bathroom has, for example, you can hang potholes or put it in a simple base with water you can have a few aloe plants on your open shelves.

you will add a green touch and have a medicinal plant at home if your style is more elegant.

You can opt for orchids which are plants that come from tropical areas therefore the humidity and heat in the bathroom are not a problem.

In short, they're to give life and color to your bathroom including a medium or small plant in any corner you can if you have a small space.

Professional bathroom renovation and design companies can deliver a stunning bathroom with a minimum of disruption and inconvenience.

Their designers have access to the latest tile treatments and colors and their tradespeople will produce work that is faultless.

Now is the time to treat yourself to the bathroom you deserve.


Q: Why should I consider renovating my small bathroom?

Small bathrooms are prone to looking tired and dated due to constant use and the effects of heat, steam, and moisture.

Renovating your small bathroom not only refreshes its appearance but also allows you to address any structural issues and incorporate space-saving ideas.

A well-done renovation can significantly increase the value of your home.

Q: How can I make my small bathroom appear larger?

There are several strategies to create an illusion of space in a small bathroom:

Choose light and soft colors to reflect more light and make the walls appear to recede.

Use the same tile in the shower and the rest of the space to create a sense of visual uniformity.

Implement a well-thought-out lighting plan, including natural light sources like skylights or larger windows.

Install mirrors strategically to reflect light and create the perception of a wider space.

Emphasize vertical space for storage by using open shelving or wall-mounted cabinets.

Q: Should I hire a professional designer for my small bathroom renovation?

Engaging the services of a professional bathroom renovation company can be beneficial, especially if you need help developing ideas or maximizing the available space.

Design experts have experience in utilizing all available space effectively and can provide guidance and direction. They also have access to the latest tile treatments and colors, ensuring a stunning result.

Q: What are some tips to keep a small bathroom organized and uncluttered?

To avoid a cluttered look in your small bathroom:

Opt for modern-looking dispensers to store toiletries instead of having visible bottles.

Use baskets or other storage solutions to hide items and maintain a clean appearance.

Keep in mind the principle of "less is more" and avoid overcrowding the space.

Q: How can I create a contemporary and elegant look in my small bathroom?

Floating vanities and wall-mounted faucets are excellent choices for a modern and uncluttered aesthetic.

Floating vanities create the illusion of more space by allowing visibility of the floor, while wall-mounted faucets have minimalist designs that contribute to a high-end appearance.

Consider the style and textures in your bathroom to choose faucet finishes and shapes that complement the overall design.

Q: Can I incorporate plants in my small bathroom?

Adding plants to your small bathroom can bring life, movement, texture, and color to the space.

Choose plants that thrive in the natural light and humidity conditions of your bathroom, such as pothos or aloe plants.

Orchids are also suitable for bathrooms due to their tolerance for humidity and heat. Including a medium or small plant in a corner can add a touch of greenery even in limited spaces.

Q: How can professional bathroom renovation companies assist with the renovation process?

Professional bathroom renovation companies have designers who can provide expert advice and access to the latest tile treatments and colors.

Their tradespeople are skilled at producing high-quality work with minimal disruption and inconvenience.

By entrusting your small bathroom renovation to professionals, you can expect a stunning result that meets your expectations.


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